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Introducing a new era of Natural Interaction. Apply NI control to any electronic object in sight.

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Commands, performed with your body, and nothing else that can now extend your reach and open up completely new possibilities.


The 9-point controller springs up around your hand whenever you desire. Any single command or a chain is mapped to your own personal Natural User Interface.

Powerful speech recognition processes seek out keywords and allow you hands free control over any electronic device you wish.

 A choice of keywords and triggers ensure a truly personalized experience.


Based on the principles of advanced Human Computer Interaction (HCI),we are happy to introduce a brand new product into the world – the first true Natural Interface (NI) Controller for your home.

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The Flowton Controller works by capturing image and sound from its environment, and converting what it sees into commands that you may use to control anything from your TV, DVD, thermostat, lights, and more.




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Think of a universal remote for all devices applied to your body. Anyone can pull up the controller and initiate any command.










By itself, the Flowton Controller uses a regular RGB camera to interpret simple gestures, along with 2 microphones for speech recognition. Turn on your television and browse through channels! Dim the lights and increase the room temperature, all without leaving your seat! However things get really interesting once the Controller is connected to a sophisticated depth sensor such as a Microsoft Kinect™, Asus Xtion™ and others.





The Flowton Controller interacts with you electronics through a number of methods:


Connect directly through Wifi and Bluetooth.

Or through the use of Wireless Infrared peripheral & Smartplugs






The Flowton Controller is an all purpose computer running proprietary motion tracking software along with keyword based speech recognition.

You can use it to just turn on your TV when the remote is out of reach, or go far and replace every single button and switch and map it to your body and your voice.


We are very excited about this technology’s inherent potential, and want to see it grow as much as you! So, in the next few months we will be releasing an SDK to allow developers to build upon the platform and apply Natural User Interfaces far and wide. Open garage doors with a hand gesture, remotely start your car with a voice command… If it could be interfaced with, it can be built!


We wish to create a powerful and driven community around Natural Interface concepts, and expand its reach and capabilities. By signing up now, you will be the first to receive updates on the development and release of the SDK.

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We believe the time is right to start applying natural forms of control to devices other than the closed-off ecosystems in which they exist now. As a team we are very diverse. Coming together from a wide range of academic backgrounds, we began collaborating with the vision to bring this technology to the masses. Our motion tracking technology is built by our gifted engineers from the ground up, and we look to extend the opportunity to build NUI to all developers who are interested in doing things differently. Due to the novel nature of this product, we will be working very closely with our customers and developers who choose to pursue this. If you are a hopeless futurist like us, please drop us a line!

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